• On-job Training
    On-job Training

    One of the youth  with hearing impairment under EmployAble program doing ball stitching at Alive & Kicking

  • Alan

    Youth with intellectual disability during his apprenticeship in a barber shop

  • Thomas Shimba
    Thomas Shimba

    Youth with hearing impairment working at Wills Restaurant

My name is EmployAble

I create opportunities for young people with disabilities by increasing access to technical and vocational education and employment. I am at the forefront of  social innovations that have demonstrated that young people with disabilities can and do work when given opportunities.

Improving Livelihoods through Market Driven Skills

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Across the world studies have shown that persons with disabilities can be employed in almost any capacity and be productive once given the opportunity and exposed to the right empowerment and environment.

Operating as a catalysts to disability inclusion, the Agency for Disability and Development in Africa (ADDA), develops solutions for inclusive workforce and is looking for employers interested in promoting positive employment outcomes for persons with disabilities by participating in Inclusive Job Access Partnership (IJAP) initiative.

Through the application of a “Twin Track” Approach (TTA) in development of inclusive workforce, ADDA is emerging as a one stop hub of solutions for inclusive career training and disability inclusive workforce. It works in partnership with career training institutions in the mainstream, employers (private and public) and development agencies to achieve disability inclusive outcomes.

The approach is essential to make disability inclusion effective by enabling and empowering persons with disabilities for inclusion. On the other hand addressing the issues to overcome barriers to inclusion e.g. accessibility, communication, attitudes, providing bridges and therefore working towards fully including persons with disabilities in employment.

Main Context

What is a Inclusive Job Access Partnership (IJAP)?

An Inclusive Job Access Partnership is a unique initiative experience designed to assist employers in applying inclusive workforce solutions that prepare qualified job seekers with disabilities for employment. It is an opportunity for employers to gain expert assistance in recruiting, hiring, and empowering skilled employees with disabilities.

IJAP is a results-based employment initiative that is managed by the Agency for Disability and Development in Africa, an expert unit on mentorship/empowerment and job placement Unit.
The IJAP is designed to enhance the skills of persons with disabilities while working directly with employers to address barriers to employment.
The focus of this initiative is the recruitment of qualified candidates to meet the pre-employment training needs of the employer.

What is the employer partner’s role?

The Inclusive Job Access Partnership is an opportunity to employ dynamic individuals who are qualified and motivated to contribute from the first day of employment.
The partnership requires employers contribute to the success of their new hire. Your expectations as an employer will be clearly outlined in a ‘Letter of Understanding’ as agreed upon by you and the Agency for Disability and Development in Africa.

As an employer partner, you would ‘agree to hire’ successful initiative participants into identified available positions.
Working with you, ADDA expert disability employment unit will customize and deliver training to meet the needs of the employer partner and job seekers with disabilities.
ADDA expert disability employment unit will prepare partner employers for new hires through disability awareness training, accommodation support, work place incentives and ongoing job coaching. ADDA will facilitate the classroom-to-work transition during the post-hire period, providing expert assistance to help the employer and new hires adapt.

What does IJAP mean for my business?

The Inclusive Job Access Partnership saves employer time and money. The IJAP is a customized recruitment initiative designed to employ fully qualified and dedicated employees with disabilities that fit your business.

If you are an employer who will be hiring and who recognizes the value and talent that people with disabilities bring to the workplace, ADDA experts in disability employment unit invites you to join our IJAP .




Save Money

Employ the right person for the job
Increase employee retention rates.
Decrease hiring and training costs

Save Time

Employ the right person for the job
Increase employee retention rates.
Decrease hiring and training rates.

Increase Diversity

Develop progressive hiring and recruitment practices
Access an untapped pool of qualified and dedicated employees.
Increase employee diversity and meet your equity goal.

Employers interested in this program should contact the Executive Director, ADDA Kenya, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tel: +254 722 240 765 or Rina Kamukam, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +254 725753933 and Office Tel: +254 020 6003816. Website: www.addaafrica.or.ke

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