• On-job Training
    On-job Training

    One of the youth  with hearing impairment under EmployAble program doing ball stitching at Alive & Kicking

  • Alan

    Youth with intellectual disability during his apprenticeship in a barber shop

  • Thomas Shimba
    Thomas Shimba

    Youth with hearing impairment working at Wills Restaurant

My name is EmployAble

I create opportunities for young people with disabilities by increasing access to technical and vocational education and employment. I am at the forefront of  social innovations that have demonstrated that young people with disabilities can and do work when given opportunities.

Human Rights Day

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Today (10th December 2018) is Human Rights day 

This year’s theme is “Stand Up For Human Rights”

Human Rights are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as in the absence of Human Dignity we cannot drive Sustainable Development.

Human Rights = Progress on all SDGs

SDGs = Advancements on Human Rights

This day is to make every people aware about the rights & opportunities every people should get for their better life and welfare.

It gives people the knowledge about the every type of rights & how to get it by proper ways when there is a problem of getting those rights.


• Human rights are relevant to all of us, every day

• Our shared humanity is rooted in these universal values

• Equality, justice & freedom prevent violence and sustain peace

• Whenever & wherever humanity’s values are abandoned, we all are at greater risk

• We need to stand up for our rights and those of others




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