• On-job Training
    On-job Training

    One of the youth  with hearing impairment under EmployAble program doing ball stitching at Alive & Kicking

  • Alan

    Youth with intellectual disability during his apprenticeship in a barber shop

  • Thomas Shimba
    Thomas Shimba

    Youth with hearing impairment working at Wills Restaurant

My name is EmployAble

I create opportunities for young people with disabilities by increasing access to technical and vocational education and employment. I am at the forefront of  social innovations that have demonstrated that young people with disabilities can and do work when given opportunities.

Alfred A. Ongoro

Alfred A. Ongoro

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EmployAble II Launch

The EmployAble II project was launched in July 2017 during the inaugural meeting that brought together disability actors from both the public and private sector in Kenya.

EmployAble Project is designed to work with mainstream Vocational training Institutions and employers to facilitate access to market driven skills by youths with disabilities in Nairobi. The EmployAble II is follow up to EmployAble I (see EmployAble I Publication). The EmployAble project is funded by Light of the world Netherlands.

The EmployAble project facilitating partners, Agency for Disability and Development in Africa (ADDA) and Cheshire Disability services Kenya (CDSK) work with implementing partners to encourage and promote access by youths with disabilities to education and employment.

The inaugural meeting was organized jointly by ADDA and CSDK Kenya and was attended by among others representatives from the ministry of East Africa and labor, COWA, K-REP Bank, St Kizito Vocational Institute  international researchers from the Netherlands and other disability actors and community organizations.

A summary of the EmployAble II partners was presented based on the findings of a study commissioned by EmployAble project. According to the study, which polled 65 youths living with disabilities in Nairobi, only 27% of the youth polled are in any form of employment against the national average of 39.1 national unemployment rates. The poll also looked at skills and found out that among the youths employed, 46% are unskilled, 24% are semi-skilled and only 30% are skilled. On the frequency of job application, 47% said they do not apply for jobs.

Find the full report here.

Author: Peter Muasya

Edited by: Alfred Asande

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Skills for Business

Access to skills are critical for persons with disabilities. As opportunities for formal employment in Kenya are few and far in between, most PWDs are focusing on self employment. To succeed as a self employed entrepreneur, there is need to empower these budding employers with entrepreneurial and accountancy skills for business management. To this end, the EmployAble II project in partnership with Junior Achievement organized the first cohort of of 30 youths with disabilities at Kenyatta University. This training has six cohorts that focus on entrepreneurial skills.

The trainees have an opportunity to develop winning business ideas that would then be funded and mentored through the Junior Achievement program. The cohort also focus on Market driven skills and 21st century skills that would equip the trained for life long learning and self improvement.

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ADDA Runs for Sight

ADDA Kenya has participated in the seeing is Believing – a Child eye health program by Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya on the 26th October 2014.

Over 17,000 participants including persons with disabilities (PWDs) ran in various events to raise funds to fight visual impairment. The program promotes comprehensive eye health and reduces avoidable blindness. The provision of quality, child friendly and child centered eye health services in the catchment areas of the programme anticipates serving over 4 million children 0 to 15 years of age.

Across the world studies have shown that persons with disabilities can be employed in almost any capacity and be productive once given the opportunity and exposed to the right empowerment and environment.

Operating as a catalysts to disability inclusion, the Agency for Disability and Development in Africa (ADDA), develops solutions for inclusive workforce and is looking for employers interested in promoting positive employment outcomes for persons with disabilities by participating in Inclusive Job Access Partnership (IJAP) initiative.

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Disability Assessment Report - Nyanza

Three key ‘ingredients’ are necessary for developing inclusive services that can adapt, grow and survive in a range of contexts: a strong framework (values, beliefs, principles and indicators of success) implementation within the local context and culture (taking account of the practical situation, resource use, and cultural factors) on-going participation and self-critical reflection (who should be involved, how, what and when).

This report presents

People with disabilities share!most basic needs with other people in society, and so mainstreaming disability has been recognized globally, regionally and nationally through CRPDs and other instruments as the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve equality for persons with disabilities.

It! is! important! that! efforts! for!disability! inclusion!begin!with!analysis!of! the!general! situation,!barriers!and! careful!planning.!Putting!disability!inclusion!into!practice!is!often!thought!to!be!just!about!introducing! specific!techniques!and!methods!to!enable!individual!persons!with!disabilities!to!actively!participate!in! development!work.!These!methods!have!their!place!and!can!provoke!a!deeper!debate!about!inclusive! development.! But! on! their!own,! they!will! not! lead! to! appropriate,! sustainable! inclusive! development! programmes.!!

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EmployAble II Partner Mapping Report

EmployAble Project is designed to work with mainstream Vocational training Institutions and employers to facilitate access to market driven skills by youths with disabilities in Nairobi. To this end, Agency for Disability and Development in Africa (ADDA) and Cheshire Disability services Kenya (CDSK), EmployAble II project facilitators, with funding from Light of the World and Liliane Fonds commissioned a partner mapping exercise to identify TVET providers, Employers and youths with disabilities who will benchmark the education, training and employment situation of youth with disabilities in Nairobi. Results show that the access to TVET education and employment remains low in spite of adequate policy and legal instruments.

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EmployAble I Project Publication

This publication discusses the challenges and solutions for creating access to technical and vocational education for young people with disabilities.

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Evance Omondi

My name is Evance Omondi Odhiambo; I am a self-motivated, industrious person, talented, goal achiever and smart worker. I am confident in my ability to produce and while in some cases I can prepare for the worst or negativity in a situation, I often do my best to tilt off the odds so that the best will happen in my life and still hold control over it.

I was on my Final year, final semester at Kenyatta University whilst engaged in some small income business activities within the campus just to earn a leaving e.g. Academic Writing.
The training at ADDA by Sama School was great considering the large number of PWDs who came out for this training.

I am indeed very grateful to the EmployAble program for providing me with opportunity to be employed by cloud factory Kenya. This has been the best opportunity of my life because I get to do what I enjoy doing with cloud factory with simple tasks that are manageable and worker friendly. So my life has changed on the bright side but I still believe that, this is just the beginning and better days are still coming ahead. Thank you ADDA.

Believe that there are jobs out there; all it takes is a little determination, self-sacrifice to get there. PWDs need to get out of their comfort zones and aggressively take opportunities that are being organized by organizations like ADDA more seriously instead of just complaining of things that need to be done differently in the field of employment.

It is my hope that employable face two will be even more successful and that unemployed YWDs will welcome this great opportunity to get connected with potential employers who agree to provide their time for them, so that they market themselves professionally putting their skills and qualifications first and the disability second.  As I stated earlier, ADDA should try to increase their presence online more otherwise congratulations for a job well done.

Thank you ADDA for the great work and May God bless the work of your hands

%PM, %22 %579 %2017 %12:%May

Alfred Asande Ongoro

Am an ICT professional with over 10 years experience in ICT training and support.

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