There is a strong co-relation between democracy and development. It is therefore right that everyone, including persons living with disabilities, be involved in democratic processes. When people with disabilities have a strong and unified voice, governments are held accountable and their rights are respected.

Inclusive democracy is indeed a human right according to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which compels state party's to ensure that there isĀ  "...Full and effective participation and inclusion in society", subsequently enshrining the right of disabled to participate fully and equally in the community, education, all aspect of life (in the context of habilitation and rehabilitation), political and public life, cultural life, leisure and sports."

In Kenya, a number of initiatives, grounded in law and the Constitution of Kenya 2010, have made it possible to include persons with disability in National politics and governance. Among this is the requirement that political parties nominate a PWD to parliament and the senate.

This article provides a number of links to internet resources that demonstrate the need and rationale for inclusive democracy for persons living with disabilities.

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