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EmployAble II Launch

The EmployAble II project was launched in July 2017 during the inaugural meeting that brought together disability actors from both the public and private sector in Kenya.

EmployAble Project is designed to work with mainstream Vocational training Institutions and employers to facilitate access to market driven skills by youths with disabilities in Nairobi. The EmployAble II is follow up to EmployAble I (see EmployAble I Publication). The EmployAble project is funded by Light of the world Netherlands.

The EmployAble project facilitating partners, Agency for Disability and Development in Africa (ADDA) and Cheshire Disability services Kenya (CDSK) work with implementing partners to encourage and promote access by youths with disabilities to education and employment.

The inaugural meeting was organized jointly by ADDA and CSDK Kenya and was attended by among others representatives from the ministry of East Africa and labor, COWA, K-REP Bank, St Kizito Vocational Institute  international researchers from the Netherlands and other disability actors and community organizations.

A summary of the EmployAble II partners was presented based on the findings of a study commissioned by EmployAble project. According to the study, which polled 65 youths living with disabilities in Nairobi, only 27% of the youth polled are in any form of employment against the national average of 39.1 national unemployment rates. The poll also looked at skills and found out that among the youths employed, 46% are unskilled, 24% are semi-skilled and only 30% are skilled. On the frequency of job application, 47% said they do not apply for jobs.

Find the full report here.

Author: Peter Muasya

Edited by: Alfred Asande

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EmployAble I Project Publication

This publication discusses the challenges and solutions for creating access to technical and vocational education for young people with disabilities.

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