Across the world studies have shown that persons with disabilities can be employed in almost any capacity and be productive once given the opportunity and exposed to the right empowerment and environment. ADDA works with partners to increase opportunities for job access for PWDs.

Disability Glossary

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What is RTI
The ADDA Research Training and Innovation creates new disability inclusion innovative solutions to services and features to outdated services. The HUB connects various ADDA strategies search as scientific research in disability inclusion, learning and sharing forums and innovation. This due to the demand for quality outcomes of services received by children, youth and adults with disabilities in disability inclusive services provided by stakeholders in line with the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) trends and matching of needs and demands towards an inclusive society for all.
Together, the stakeholders and the HUB seeks to gain knowledge, develop practical solutions to overcome the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating equally in development and society by providing a platform for the County and National Government Ministries, Government Institutions and Parastatals, NGO’s, DPO’s, CSO’s, people with disabilities themselves, the private and the informal sectors to network and work together with an ultimate goal to make disability inclusion work.
RTI Operation
The RTI HUB operates as a catalyst to assist everyone to include persons with disabilities in the public, private and the informal sectors, organizations, institutions, development programmes by making disability inclusive development a reality.