About Us

Agency for Disability and Development in Africa focuses on disability inclusion. We empower Persons with Disabilities by promoting and facilitating best practices in access to services and community participation.
Our Mission
To enhance the potential of children, youths and adults with disability and to celebrate their diversity and economic/social empowerment, and advocate for their inclusion and participation in mainstream sustainable development.
Our Vision
An inclusive society for all where every person feels a sense of belonging and is able to contribute to their fullest potential regardless of their background, disability or special need
Our Programs

We program on five focus areas:
  1. Inclusive Education, Training and Employment;
  2. Community Based Inclusive Development;
  3. Inclusive Humanitarian Disaster Management; and
  4. Research and Development.

Our Background


Where We Work

We work in all the 47 Counties in Kenya.

Inclusion Means Action

Research and Innovation

ADDA's Research Training and Innovation Lab develops innovative inclusion solutions that increase access to basic services for children and adults with disabilities.

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Previous Partners