• Our Mission +

    To enhance potential of men & women with disabilities while advocating for their inclusion & active participation in mainstream development endeavors as well as celebrating their diversity, improved livelihoods and self-actualization.
  • Our Vision +

    We envision a society in which all persons have equal opportunities regardless of anyone’s disability and special needs.
  • Our Mandate +

    ADDA focuses on disability mainstreaming/inclusion an initiative that empowers persons with disabilities by promoting and facilitating best practices.
  • Our Programs +

    Our programs are in inclusive education, public participation and Research. We work with partners including CBM, Voice, The Ministry of Education and 6 County Governments.
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  • EmployAble
  • Public Participation
  • Social Labs

The EmployAble Project aims at inclusion of youth with disabilities in vocational training institutions and their support during the transition to the labour market. Primary target group are youth with disabilities and secondary target group are institutions – Technical and Vocational Education Training Institutes (TVETs) and companies. Agency for Disability and Development in Africa and Cheshire Disability Services Kenya partners to implement the EmployAble Project with financial support from Light for the World – Netherlands and Liliane Fonds. Project period was 2017 – 2019 in Nairobi County.

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The public Participation Project is a two-year project that seeks to develop and pilot a Public Participation Disability Inclusion Index (PPDII) for public entities in Kenya using a collaborative Social Design process.

The Index is a tool that benchmarks existing programs against best practices for promoting the participation of PWDs in Governance processes. The Social Design Lab brings together diverse stakeholders to develop, test document and scale up the use of the Index. The learning and sharing project seeks to design, test and document experiences gained from the deployment of the Index.

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The Social Innovation Lab Project (SILP) for Youth with Mental and Intellectual Disabilities is a two-year project that aims to prototype, test, document and learn how peer-to-peer support networks, dual employment and co-designed inclusive learning and working spaces can be applied to solve the training and employment dilemma facing youths with mental and intellectual disabilities in Kenya.

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    The Impact of COVID-19 on PWDs in Kenya
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  • Up Next Public Participation
  • Up Next Public Participation

Support Our Programs

You can support Children, youth and adults with disabilities through donations using Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card or MPESA.
  • $5 can equip 5 families with hygiene kits
  • $10 can help a learner with a disability with assistive and learning device
  • $15 can help in awareness creation at the community level
Paypal, Credit Card and Debit Card

Or Use Our Paybill No 4029253 on Mpesa. Use your name as account.

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Research and Innovation Hub

The Hub creates new disability inclusion innovative solutions to services and features to outdated services

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