About Us

About Us

ADDA Kenya is a registered NGO (Reg. OP.218/051/11-0557/7447) operating in Kenya. It is also registered with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (Reg. CPWD/0/886).

ADDA focuses on disability mainstreaming/inclusion an initiative that empowers persons with disabilities by promoting and facilitating best practices. This is done within Disability Person’s Organizations (DPO’s), Organisations “of” and “for” persons with disabilities, the public sector, private sector and the development agencies to influence policymakers for the inclusion of the rights and needs of persons with disabilities in development work. The agencies are encouraged to allocate resources for inclusive services in all sectors (education, rehabilitation, career/vocational training and employment/livelihood etc.).

Focus Areas

ADDA works in four thematic areas: Inclusive Education, Training and Employment; Community Based Inclusive Development; Inclusive Humanitarian Disaster Management and Research and Development .
  • Inclusive Education, Training and Employment +

    Inclusive Education, Training and Employment We advocate for Inclusive and equitable quality education, skilled innovative & responsive workforce of persons with disabilities through transition and inclusive market-driven career/vocational training and increased retention in the public, private and the informal sector productive work.
  • Community Based Inclusive Development +

    Community Based Inclusive Development Alliance building and partnership initiative with collective synergies between different stakeholders to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, increase opportunities and participation in all sectors of development to achieve inclusive and sustainable development at County Government Structures
  • Inclusive Humanitarian Disaster Management +

    Inclusive Humanitarian Disaster Management Facilitates disability inclusion in humanitarian and development actors sectors with involvement of persons with disabilities taking a leading role in making practices, tools and resources inclusive.
  • Research and Development +

    Research and Development Promotes inclusive learning and sharing for documentation of solutions that make disability inclusion work through Research, Training and Innovation (RTI HUB)
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ADDA was established in 2011 with an objective of mainstreaming disability. Over the years, ADDA has demonstrated that Persons with Disabilities and learn, work and live normally with minimum accommodations. Our programs are in Skills development, employment, public participation, inclusive education and research.


To enhance potential of men & women with disabilities while advocating for their inclusion & active participation in mainstream development endeavors as well as celebrating their diversity, improved livelihoods and self-actualization.


We envision a see a society in which all persons have equal opportunities regardless of anyone’s disability and special needs.


ADDA works through and with partners and stakeholders to:
  1. Advocate for skilled innovative & responsive workforce of PWDs through inclusive career/vocational training and increased retention in public and the private sector employment.
  2. Advocate for quality of life, increased opportunities, & participation of PWDs in all sectors of development through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) & Inclusive development.
  3. Promote disability inclusiveness in disaster risk management.
  4. Promote Research and Development.


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